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Design Avenue is one of the leading roofing construction companies at the present which is located at Rajagiriya area. This company has a record of services providing and also has expanded its services to Negambo and Pannala with two other branches. Since 2014 Design Avenue has successfully completed more than 100 roofing Projects. In addition to these, Design Avenue consists of a well experienced staff and professional fabricators that indeed is the main reason for the supply of a wide range of services to the clients regarding roofing and ceiling work.

The wide range of professional services provided by Design Avenue are Steel structure buildings, Wood structure roofing for residential & commercial buildings, Re-installation of Heat Resistant Roofing sheets for existing roof, Finishing roof with ceiling, Ceiling work with Gypsum, Panel, Malaysian 2×2 Ceiling, wood ceiling etc.

All these services will have a warranty for materials as well as workmanship. And will be done under the supervision of a technical officer or a structural engineer in order to maintain the high quality. Design Avenue provides roofing solutions such as  heat resistance, prevention from leakages, fire resistance, color durability, scratch resistance and low cost services.

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